Our organizations

Shri Krishna Prem Sansthan is an international organization constituted under section 80G. This organization has four major divisions:

  1. Bhagwat Gau Sewa Dham - Gau sewa is the major objective of this division. We are constructing Gau research and Gau sewa kendra. Gau mutra is considered sacred and medications manufactured using gau mutra may treat cancer. We are also progressing in the construction of Gobar Gas Plant. Trust also provides food to cows managed by other ten Gau shalas.
  2. Bhagwat Atitheyam - A humble effort dedicated to Atithi sewa. We are in progress to provide stay, free of charge food, and other services to our devotee visitors coming to Vrindavan from various parts of India and abroad. We are constructing thirty four air conditioned rooms and a beautiful Shri Radha Govind Mandir.
  3. Shri Ramanuj Bhagwat Ved Vidhyalaya - Bhagwat Dham Trust arranges for the free stay for students learning Vedas and Shrimad Bhagwatam. Students are also sent to other schools to learn grammar. Stipend of Rs.500 is also provided to each student every month.
  4. Shri Ram Katha and Shri Krishna Katha Prashikshad - Students and other aspirants from remote tribal areas are taught Shri Ram and Shri Krishna Katha along with other religious material free of cost at their location. Shri Thakurji performs ten Shrimad Bhagwat Katha for the welfare of tribes living in various parts of the country.

Trust also publishes "Bhagwat Sandesh" magazine every month. The magazine contain information on the activities of the trust, lectures of saints, articles on vastu-shastra and jyotish, explanation of ved-mantras and procedures relatedto.

All donations to Shri Krishna Prem Sansthan are tax free under section 80G.

Contact and Mailing information:

  • Shri Krishna Prem Sansthan (Regd.)
    257 Sevakunj, Shri Dham Vrindavan (Mathura), U.P. India
    Tel: (0565) 2442587, 2442861 (R), 5538262 (O), 2540857
  • Shri Bhagwat Dham
    Parikrama Marg, Ramanreti, Vrindavan (Mathura), U.P. India
  • Shri Bhagwat Kripa Nikunj
    Ramanreti Marg, Vrindavan (Mathura), U.P. 281121, India
  • Shri Bhagwat Aatitheyam
    Ramanreti Marg, Vrindavan (Mathura), U.P. 281121, India
  • Shri Bhagwat Gau Seva Dham
    Chhatikara Marg, Vrindavan (Mathura), U.P. India
  • Shri Bhagwat Shiksha Sadan
    Seva Kunj, Vrindavan (Mathura), U.P. 281121, India