Jai Shri Krishna

Vasudev Sutam Devam Kansa Chanoor Mardanam Devaki Paramanandam Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum

Our shastras conclude that the life of a human being is the best form among all the living beings. Shri Tulsidaji says in Shri Ramchartimanas:

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Our Sanatan Paddhati describes that we get the physical body of a human being only when the Parmatma showers his mercy on us.

Sanatan Dharma has been considered the oldest and the greatest dharma of the world. Scriptures of the Sanatan Dharma teaches us how to live a good life, and how can we live happily in grahastha-ashram. World's oldest scripture is 'Rigveda'. Sages and highly intellectual people of our faith have written books on each richa and mantra of Rigveda and other vedas.

Shri Krishna Dwapayan Maharishi Ved-vyasji is counted in twenty four avatars of bhagwan Shri Vishnu. Ved-vyasji has written books on vedic philosophy including Shrimad Bhagavatam Mahapuranam which has been considered the best puran among all other scriptures written by other sages on vedic philosophy.  Read More

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